Siskem manufacture various formulated chemicals for applications in water and waste treatment and process treatment, such as in: Oil and Gas, Mining & Mineral Processing, Metal Treatment, Automotive, Pulp and Paper.

All our chemical products are presented to the customers in form of “treatment programs” which also include: technical services, consultancy and training.

Our technical representatives will design treatment programs with optimally-selected chemicals and which use energy wisely and are applied as per customer’s unique needs. All this will be communicated to the customers to ensure mutually set objectives are achieved.

It is our commitment to help customers improve the performance of their equipment, improve productivity, reduce costs and most importantly is to bring a return of investment that is much more than the costs of using SISKEM program.

Water Treatment & Related Chemicals

  1. Raws Water & Waste Water Treatment
    • Coagulant & Floculant
    • Antifoam
    • Odor Removal
    • Heavy metal removal
  2. Boiler Treatment Program
    • Oxygen Scavenger
    • Internal Treatment
    • Condensate Treatment
    • Fuel efficiency treatment
  3. Cooling Treatment Program
    • Corrosion control
    • Deposit Control
    • Microbiocide and Algacide
    • Closed Colling Corosion Inhibitor
    • Sea Water Macrofouling Control
  4. Others
    • Ion Exchange Resin Cleaners
    • RO Biocide and Antifoulant
    • Desalination Ant-scalant
    • Chemical Cleaning

Oil & Gas Treatment

  1. Driling and Well Servicing
    • Clay Stabilizer
    • Surfactant
    • Foaming agent
    • Biocide
    • Viscosifier
  2. Downhole Treatment
    • Enhance Oil Recovery
    • Foamer and Defoamer
    • Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Scale Inhibitor
    • Drug Reducer
  3. Production Treatment
    • Demulsifier
    • Deoiler
    • Scale Inhibitor
    • Gas Gathering Treatment
    • Pour Point Depresant
  4. Process Refinery
    • Corrosion inhibitor for Crude Destilation Unit
    • Chemicals for Desalter
    • Antifoam
    • Antifoulant
    • Pour Point Depresant

Mining, Metal and Pulp Chemicals

  1. Mining & Mineral Processing Tratment
    • Cleaner
    • Antiscalant
    • Coal Dust Control
    • Road Dust Control
    • Cement Grinding Aid
    • Process Slurry Thickening
  2. Metal Pre-treatment
    • Cleaner/ Degreaser
    • Iron/Zinc/ Manganese Phosphating
    • Anodizing and Colouring Alumninium
    • Chrome and Non-Chrome Alumnium Treatment
    • Rust Removal
    • Grinding and Cutting Coolant
    • Paint Coagulant
  3. Pulp and Paper Treatment
    • Retention and Drainage Aids
    • De-inking chemicals
    • Dispersant
    • Defoamer
    • Biocide